eBACS: ECRYPT Benchmarking of Cryptographic Systems

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eBASH: ECRYPT Benchmarking of All Submitted Hashes

The eBASH (ECRYPT Benchmarking of All Submitted Hashes) project, part of eBACS, measures hash functions according to the following criteria: "Time" refers to time on real computers: time on an ARM Cortex-A8, time on an Intel Sandy Bridge, time on an Intel Haswell, etc. The point of these cost measures is that they are directly visible to the cryptographic user. eBASH times each hash function on a wide variety of computers, ensuring direct comparability of all systems on whichever computers are of interest to the users.

There are separate pages explaining how to submit hash functions to eBASH, listing the hash functions already submitted to eBASH, and presenting the latest eBASH measurements.


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